If 'likes' did everything in business, then we wouldn't be needed to engineer change as a marketing agency



Transform with strategy! Boost the performance of your marketing department.

We offer services in design-coaching, gap analysis, research, brand consulting and setting up or restructuring your marketing department. As your campaign developer, we will conceptualize, create & manage your branding campaigns.

Transformative services

Transformational leadership impacts real change and gets real results.

We are available to conduct individual or group training and workshops. Our advisory services and consultants will help you walk through the creation of your legal brand identity, organizational architecture, branding tool development and monitoring brand performance.

Campaign Management

We take away all kinds of headache and deliver succesfull campaigns

Our service covers: creating, developing, positioning, sustaining, monitoring and protecting your brand assets. We are able to work as your single point of contact for all your brand management requirements. So you can focus on your operational marketing activities and business!



Need a solid brand? Look no further. We are your brand identity development partner.

We help you to visualize all your branding messages with high quality designs and develop all your tools for internet or print. We can do this on a project basis or as a retainer partner. As a retainer partner, we help you to establish consistency in your brand communication.


All things graphic

We put a lot of emphasis in polished graphic art with the right balance and rhythm matching your brand communication strategy. You can contact us for brochures, flyers, billboards etc.


We are drawing things!

We love to make beautiful illustrations. Are you making your website? Are you publishing a book? A well constructed illustration is of great value to the message you want to convey to your audience. The illustration enforces and can combine concepts not easily explained in words or photographs.


All things logo

Your logo needs to stand out and be easily recognizable from a post-stamp to a billboard. We have the knowledge and skill to deliver stunning logo designs. Order now! your organization will be grateful that you did :)


The first key to brand success is self-definition.

The basis of consistent visual branding is your brandguide. The brandguide will contain: logo, typography, colors, graphical elements, photograph style, business card, letterhead and many more. You will be able to send this to printers, designers, software engineers or any other manufacturer that uses your brand.


So what about online? Social media, websites, apps... We can help you with those.

We specialize in developing custom solutions for web and mobile. We also develop custom plugins and customer applications as add-on features to your existing website. The future is social! We offer intelligent internet marketing and/or social media content for Facebook and other popular platforms.

Front-end webdesign

All things web

As front development experts, we analyze the business needs of the website and look at the most efficient and desirable methods and solutions for the same. Our front end solutions look great, load fast, and work without any hiccup. Each product is made with great care to make it look equally stunning on large desktop screens and mobile devices

Online Shopping

All things shopping

If you need to build an online shopping portal we are going to assist you with researching for the most suitable solutions and then building the best shopping portal for you. Our focus will be to give the shopper the best experience in shopping and enabling ease of navigation through the shopping panel till checkout.

Back-end webdesign

All things at the back

Do you need a complex web solution? We are able to develop back-end solutions server side languages like: PHP, Python, Node.js, Java and Ruby to build web applications with integrated database. Of course, if you require web application specifically on a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla which are php and Javascript driven platforms, we can build simple to completely customized CMS driven web applications too. This will be coupled with an intensive research on the business needs or organizational needs which will benefit the integration of the back-end web structure.

SEO-Google marketing

All things searching

The content on any website and website architecture is only a piece to the SEO puzzle. We will scan through your website and make sure that pages meant for public can be found by search engines. Our team will scan for the best keywords in your industry and assign them to your website and we will advise you and direct you on creating the right kind of content for better SEO. This will help to kickstart and grow your SEO performance but also to practically use google and its tools as an effective legacy and marketing enabler.

Mobile App Development

All things mobile

Mobile apps are used today to target a large and growing mobile audience. We cover: consulting, business analysis, UI/UX, native or cross-platform mobile application development, mobile testing (unit testing and UI automation) and back end integration or publication on the App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store.

UI-UX Design

All things UI-UX

We begin always with the beginning when it comes to website development or developing mobile apps or solutions. Our strength is to develop strong conceptual level design and prototypes which can be used for discussing or shared with closed groups or a focus group. We use different prototyping tools for this purpose. Resulting in a optimal balance between technical performance, usability, visual design and business needs.


Just like us, you want your money well spent. We can tell you we handle projects with great care but have a look at what others say.

  • “I have experienced that working with Squarelion is very pleasant, and that they work with an open mind for customers’ needs and challenges. We had the opportunity to hire Squarelion on doing social media marketing and we were sincerely glad with their professionalism, knowledge and desire to go out of their way to assist our business. Based on our results I would gladly recommend them for other businesses too.”

    Wirathma Mahabier
    Agro Garden & Needs

  • “We are really satisfied with the design that Squarelion has made for us. The delivery was fast, professional and they understood directly what we envisioned for the project, client-oriented and very dynamic company!”

    Sharan Panday
    Republik RestoCafe

  • “Squarelion provides us with services in the field of marketing. The response time is low and, if necessary, the approach is discussed first. I never have to worry about whether it will work out well.”

    Apostle Singh
    Kinderhuis Elim

  • “I have worked with Squarelion Agency for the past 3 years. I really like their way of working, they took the time to listen to my preferences and they are very professional. When my website and logo were finished, I got a lot of compliments from my clients. Their after service is also very good. I am also using their service social media marketing and would recommend them to anybody.”

    Susan Groenfelt
    Packed and Ready Travel