So, what about us?


Don't worry, no wild animals here! We're just a bunch of creative minds waiting to pounce and do good work.

-and also have fun doing it.

The driver

A hands-on marketing wizard with 20+ years of experience in business development.

Kris has been involved in numerous corporations like Dell Computers and HSDS. Over the years he developed a keen eye for the blind spots in marketing departments and a serious skill in marrying the right people to the right job. After work Kris can be found working on another short film or talking world dominance with his confidants.

Just like us, you want your money well spend. We can tell you we handle projects with great care but have a look at what others say.

  • “I have experienced that working with Squarelion is very pleasant, and that they work with an open mind for customers’ needs and challenges. We had the opportunity to hire Squarelion on doing social media marketing and we were sincerely glad with their professionalism, knowledge and desire to go out of their way to assist our business. Based on our results I would gladly recommend them for other businesses too.”

    Wirathma Mahabier
    Agro Garden & Needs

  • “We are really satisfied with the design that Squarelion has made for us. The delivery was fast, professional and they understood directly what we envisioned for the project, client-oriented and very dynamic company!”

    Sharan Panday
    Republik RestoCafe

  • “Squarelion provides us with services in the field of marketing. The response time is low and, if necessary, the approach is discussed first. I never have to worry about whether it will work out well.”

    Apostle Singh
    Kinderhuis Elim

  • “I have worked with Squarelion Agency for the past 3 years. I really like their way of working, they took the time to listen to my preferences and they are very professional. When my website and logo were finished, I got a lot of compliments from my clients. Their after service is also very good. I am also using their service social media marketing and would recommend them to anybody.”

    Susan Groenfelt
    Packed and Ready Travel